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Capturing Love & Excitement in Sarvesh & Reetika's Maternity Photoshoot

Pune, India: At Sandeep Khade Studios, we believe in transforming the beautiful journey of motherhood into captivating maternity photos and videos. Recently, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Sarvesh and Reetika, who discovered our work through our captivating Instagram reels and posts.

Inspired & Informed: Drawn to our aesthetic, they explored our website, meticulously examining the pricing packages and diverse portfolio. Impressed, Sarvesh contacted us eager to discuss their vision further.

Creating a Personalized Vision: After a call and a studio visit, where they tried on stunning maternity dresses, they decided on a unique approach: a separate day for their maternity photoshoot and another for their maternity video. This personalized plan ensured they received the full attention and detail both formats deserved. They confirmed the sessions 20 days in advance, demonstrating their commitment and excitement.

Collaborative Creativity: To foster seamless communication, we created a dedicated WhatsApp group. Sarvesh and Reetika actively shared posing and setup references, ensuring their shoot echoed their individual style. They opted for our two-dress package, selecting the ethereal light purple and vibrant blue maternity dresses.

Radiant Energy & Collaborative Spirit: Throughout both shoots, Sarvesh and Reetika exuded infectious joy and energy, readily embracing creative poses and actively participating in every aspect. Their enthusiasm was truly inspiring! We prioritized their comfort and well-being, ensuring proper hydration and breaks during both sessions.

A Memorable Experience: The entire experience was a delightful blend of fun and professionalism. Their positive energy made the shoots truly enjoyable, and their video feedback and appreciation for our work solidified our commitment to exceeding expectations.


Here are a few pictures from the maternity photoshoot:


More than Photos, Memories: At Sandeep Khade Studios, we believe in exceeding expectations. Beyond capturing stunning images, we strive to create lasting memories for our clients. This session was a testament to this commitment, and we are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of their journey.


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