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Capturing Elegance & Tradition in Ashutosh & Chanchal's Maternity Photoshoot

Pune, India: At Sandeep Khade Studios, we specialise in translating the magic of motherhood into timeless maternity photographs. Recently, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Ashutosh Rana and his wife, Chanchal, for their maternity photoshoot.

Seamless Communication & Personalized Touch: Our journey began with a convenient WhatsApp consultation, where we shared all the necessary information about our packages, setups, and stunning maternity dresses. After reviewing these options, Ashutosh and Chanchal visited our studio to personally experience the ambience and meticulously select their outfits.

Finding the Perfect Look: Their discerning eyes landed on two captivating dresses: a vibrant green gown and a traditional saree they planned to bring on the shoot day. Taking their time, they finalised their package and confirmed the session the following day, ensuring a stress-free and personalised experience.

Collaboration & Creative Expression: To facilitate seamless communication, we created a dedicated WhatsApp group for the shoot. Ashutosh and Chanchal actively shared posing and set reference images, allowing us to curate a photoshoot that perfectly aligned with their vision.

Blending Elegance & Tradition: The couple opted for our 2-dress package, selecting the stunning green gown from our collection and their treasured saree. Our experienced team expertly draped the saree, creating a captivating contrast between the elegance of the gown and the timeless beauty of the saree.

Indoor & Outdoor Versatility: We captured the saree look within the studio's warm ambience, while the green gown came alive amidst the lush greenery of our studio garden. This diverse backdrop offered them a unique blend of styles and captured the essence of their individual preferences.

Here are a few pictures from the maternity photoshoot:
Here's the reel of the maternity photoshoot:


More than Photos, Memories: At Sandeep Khade Studios, we believe in exceeding expectations. Beyond capturing stunning images, we strive to create lasting memories for our clients. This maternity photoshoot was a testament to this commitment, and we are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of their journey.


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