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Capturing Magic in Kavita and Tejas' Maternity Photoshoot

Pune, India: At Sandeep Khade Studios, we weave wonder into the beautiful journey of motherhood through expert maternity photography. Recently, Tejas connected with us, drawn to our website's detailed information. Intrigued, he expressed interest in a studio visit, conveniently located near his residence in Sus Road, Baner.

Finding the Perfect Canvas: Accompanied by his wife, Kavita, Tejas visited our studio to immerse themselves in the experience. They meticulously examined our stunning dress collection and explored the diverse studio setups. Impressed by the process and artistry, they immediately booked a session for the upcoming week.

Crafting Their Vision: Their ideal portrait unfolded through our two-dress, two-setup package. The vibrant pink dress exuded joy, while the elegant blue added a touch of sophistication. To ensure their vision shone through, we created a dedicated WhatsApp group, encouraging them to share posing and setup inspirations.

Joyful Collaboration & Overcoming Apprehensions: Throughout the shoot, Tejas' excitement was infectious, readily embracing creative poses and fostering a collaborative atmosphere. Kavita, initially apprehensive about makeup and hair, was transformed by our artist's expertise. "This is the best makeup I've ever had!" she exclaimed, her confidence blossoming.

Camera Comfort & Memories Made: With gentle guidance and encouraging tips, we helped Kavita feel comfortable in the spotlight. Soon, Tejas' humor filled the air, turning the shoot into a joyous experience for both. This positive energy translated into captivating images, prompting Tejas to purchase additional photos and express his appreciation through a glowing Google review.


Here are a few pictures from the maternity photoshoot:


More than Photos, Memories: At Sandeep Khade Studios, we believe in exceeding expectations. Beyond capturing stunning images, we strive to create lasting memories for our clients. This session was a testament to this commitment, and we are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of their journey.


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